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How to get Visible on Instagram

You know that Instagram is the place to be for brand growth and connection, but the question isn't "does Instagram work?". The question is "How do I make Instagram work for me?"

With over 100 million active users on the platform, some accounts reaching over 10million followers, how do you get seen?

Is it all in the camera? Maybe the bikini pics? NOPE! But today you're going to learn how to get visible with Instagram! Keep reading.

#1. Hashtags:

Everyone knows to use them, but no one really knows why, how many, or if they're that important.

Hashtags are vital to the growth of your account. Why? because tagging your images is how people find you. The hashtag on instagram is basically SEO. If you think of Instagram like a search engine, people are searching for tags to connect to other likeminded people.

What tags you use is how you find your tribe online.

But how many? USE THEM ALL. Instagram lets you have 30 hashtags. Again, USE THEM ALL.

The reasoning is because this is just more availability to be found. It's like if I told you, you could spend $500 marketing dollars. You wouldn't use $10.00 and call it good. You'd use all $500 to reach as many people as possible. SAME WITH HASHTAGS!

#2. @Tags:

The @tags are when you tag someone in a photo. While this isn't as powerful as the hashtag, again it's about creating quantity and quality for people when they search. Be everywhere.

@Tags allow you to tag other people or brands.

An example of how a blogger might use @tags would be to tag each company that has an item in the photo they've taken.

For fashion you tag all of the brands. For makeup, the same thing. If you're an entrepreneurial blogger, tag the authors of the books you read, the candle companies you buy from and whatever else you may use.

The more the company see's you, the more potential you have to be seen by brands who may want to partner with you, or may share your photo on their page! (Which equals more visibility for you!)

#3. Profile Picture:

I can't stress this enough. Don't use some old, weird, random photo that has nothing to do with your brand or what you do.

It's fine to use a logo, but often I've seen coaches using random superheros as their profile image.

No one will take that seriously. Have a high quality logo or professional image of yourself as your profile photo.


#4. Communicate:

Lastly, we are talking about how to communicate with people! You want to be visible? Get in front of your tribe. Once you know what hashtags work best for you, go explore those tags and comment on other photos. (Genuine comments people.. not "Nice", "cool"..)

The more you show up and comment, the more people will find your profile, check you out and learn about what you do.

The same way you want engagement on your content, others want engagement on theirs. Be the comment they were hoping for and in return you'll grow a solid Instagram!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Be sure to share with your friends and come back every Wednesday for more powerful tips on growing an Instagram account, the right way!

- Sherry Greenberg

Queen of Instagram Strategy!

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