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We're InstaBuddy and we're here to help you get your swoon worthy, education rich, value add, insta posts in front of your ideal person every single day. Designed specifically for businesses or individuals looking to take all that guesswork out of posting. You worry about the content and well take care of all the engagement. 





Intelligent  - Proprietary AI mimics human behavior to find your ideal people. No Spam.

Effective - Increases engagement, brand awareness and connections with your current audience while reaching new audiences

Affordable - Less than $10 per day





You tell us about you and your business

Every month we customize an audience, hashtag and @ tag list specifically for who you should be connecting with on Instagram.


We actively engage with your audience daily, growing your following organically and start creating loyal fans who keep coming back for more!

The best part? You're in control! You still post all your pictures and write all your copy so your authenticity can shine!

Results Driven

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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"I have helped manage our social media at Meauxbar for years and have never seen it grow this quickly. Sherry and Ernesto have been very helpful with the engagement side of our page which can be a full-time job within itself. They have provided us with strategic monthly hashtag profiles which have been crucial to increasing our visibility especially amongst the many restaurants here in New Orleans. They have been a great resource and I highly recommend Digital.Mobile.Social to anyone!"


Bradley Vecchiolla, General Manager @Meauxbar 


This Program is for you if

You are tired of spending hours putting together social media content and seeing no growth

You wish you could get your amazing posts in front of your ideal client everyday

You are looking to grow your brand organically and authentically

You are tired of wasting money on HACKS


Frequently asked questions

Is social media marketing important?

Social media marketing is the greatest equalizer between big and small businesses, because - gone are the days of big legacy brands buying up valuable airtime on T.V. -and making it impossible for small independent brands to compete in the same space. Now with the right methods, technologies like ours, a modest budget and some quality media - any small business can break into any industry and get noticed on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. At DMS - we have the expertise to make all these key pieces work together for success.

How important is it to grow a business on social?

If you’re not growing locally and regionally on Instagram and Facebook then be sure that your competitors are working hard at doing so.

Do we create content for companies?

We write copy, produce original photography, produce and direct video/fully scripted commercials; as well as produce other forms of branded content.

Can we take control of postings on social?

We can in higher priced packages take over posting. Call or Email for Pricing.

Are we active on social?

Ernesto Cullari (Instagram:@ernestocullari) is in the top 2% of Instagram influencers and IG users.

Does DMS update you on progress?

We issue monthly progress reports on your growing audience, reach and post performance for full service clients, where we do the posting and content creation.

Is each plan customizable to each company?

Yes! :)

Does DMS help with content creation? Advice?

We can take control of creating all assets or we can consult on what’s needed for best results and practices.

Does DMS create social pages and websites?


Influence __ target audience group per month? What does this mean?

We create lists of IG users to target for engagement, if these IG users fit the behavior profile of our client. If we’re selling dog products and marketing dog products, we then target dog owners or dog lovers with engagement.

60 hashtags ang @ tags? Why is this important.

he @tags are users that have shown an interest in the products and services of our clients; therefore, when they tag them in a post they are more likely to engage with our content.

What is the importance of #Hastags?

Same as the importance of the @ tags, hashtags are they way we differentiate our content. If we’re marketing shoes then utilizing shoe hashtags helps our would-be customers find us.

Do we help with Ecommerce sites?

Yes - we can build and manage all e-commerce sites.