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Ready to


Facebook Ads?

Of Course You Are!

Because you are a badass business owner capable of BIG things.


Your product or service gets AH-MAZING results and you’re ready to reach even more people and scale your business. 

You keep hearing incredible things about Facebook ads, but when it comes
 right down to it….

You + Facebook ads is like a bad one-night stand – they leave you high and dry, confused, and afraid to try again.

Welcome To

Facebook SavvyTM

Welcome To

Facebook SavvyTM

Let's talk money. Oh, the money. #flushitdownthetoilet

You see other business owners who are totally killin’ it with Facebook ads. You know that getting them right is the key to your business.

Successful Facebook ads could literally change everything for you. Like… 

  • Generate an endless flow of highly-qualified leads ready to buy from YOU!

  • Make the kind of money you’ve been dreaming of that will help you live your #bestlife.

  • Build a business you L-O-V-E without the overwhelm, confusion, and fear.

But how do you even make Facebook ads work for your business when you’ve already…

Spent time and money running ads only to see ZERO results.


You’ve tweaked and tested until you couldn’t anymore, and it literally got you nowhere. You need to know what actually WORKS and how you can duplicate that system for your business.

Facebook Savvy™ includes

9 amazing modules:


This module is designed to give you the big picture of using Facebook ads for your business as well as focus on some important topics such as what Facebook ads can and can’t do, what you should advertise, and how to get the most out of this course.



You can’t have a successful ad campaign without some testing first. We’ll discuss the importance of strategic ad and audience testing, plus a foolproof ad testing strategy that works every time. That’s right, testing no longer has to be scary and overwhelming!



Conversion optimization and tracking is the key to making your ads work better for you. We’ll cover how you can optimize your ads for conversions and how you can track your results. You’ll also get some juicy secrets on how to make Facebook work WITH you instead of against you.



Ahh, pixels. If one word could strike fear into business owners when it comes to Facebook ads, it’s this one. The good news is, pixels aren’t scary – and they can even be simple! We’ll talk about what a pixel is, why you need it, and exactly where and how to place it for maximum impact.



In this module, we’ll cover the ins and outs of creating your ad. Learn the best way to approach your ad design and ad copy to create an ad that really works. Plus, learn what the experts say are mostly irrelevant.



Targeting is just a fancy word for choosing who you want your ads to reach. We’ll talk about how you can use Facebook’s system to reach your ideal clients or customers who are ready to open their wallets. Plus, we’ll cover lookalike audiences, custom audiences, how to leverage the secret sauce of retargeting, and so much more.



The term ROI may induce a total snooze-fest for you, but tracking ROI is how you will determine the success and failure of your campaigns. We’ll look at why you SHOULD use ROI as a measure of success and which metrics really matter at the end of the day (hint: not all of them do!).



Ads manager can be the most overwhelming aspect of creating a Facebook ad. Instead of letting you go down the rabbit hole without a map, I’m going to give you an exclusive over-the-shoulder look at me setting up an ad campaign in real-time. You can follow along and refer to this anytime you set up a new ad.



A good funnel is the key to leveraging Facebook ads and taking your prospects from “who the hell are you?” to “TAKE MY MONEY!” We’ll look at how Facebook ads and funnels work together to create a lead-generating and sales machine.

Welcome To

Facebook SavvyTM

Facebook Savvy™ includes 

  • Lifetime access to the course (and any future updates) so you can go through the content at your own pace and learn in a way that works for you. Plus, you’ll always be able to pop back in and refresh your mind on a topic if you’re struggling. ($1000 value)


  • Video lesson and accompanying worksheets for each of the 9 modules to help you learn the information you need to know quickly and easily. ($700 value)



PLUS, when you purchase Facebook Savvy™, you also get instant access to these incredible bonuses!

  • Facebook Ads Toolbox PDF: Everything you need to build a successful Facebook ads campaign, so you aren’t wasting time looking for tools and resources. ($99 value)


  • Facebook Ads Swipe File: A swipe file full of successful ads for when you need a little inspiration and want to see what works. ($199 value)


  • Dynamic Product Retargeting Masterclass: How to use Facebook to retarget leads. ($499 value)


The value of Facebook Savvy™  

is over $2,000… 

Your investment to start kicking ass at
Facebook ads is just $497.

What happens next?

Click the buy button to say YES to creating the Facebook ads you’ve been dreaming of. Complete your purchase by entering your details on the payment page. Check your email for details on accessing your membership! Start learning and have fun creating successful Facebook ads that make bank.


Q: How do I access the course?

A: This is an online course you can access from your phone or computer. You’ll have lifetime access so you’ll be able to dive in at your own pace and come back for more when you need to.

Q: I’ve never used Facebook Advertising before. Is this course for me?

A: Yes! This course is designed for both the beginner and the intermediate FB ads user. I cover the basics, as well as some more advanced features and functionality.

Q: What’s the time commitment for this course?

A: You get out what you put in! But the lessons are quick – 10 to 30 minutes each. You can follow along and implement at your own pace.


Q: What do I need to get the most out of this course?

A: You need a Facebook page, a Facebook ad account, a place to drive traffic to (your website, a landing page, etc.), and an ad budget of at least $10/day. Keep in mind, a bigger budget means bigger results.



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